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To your orange had no problems with digestion, was hilarious and moving, the hair glistening in the sun, was silky and thick and looked well-groomed to the teeth, skin and nails healthy, you need to take care of properly balanced diet. This is very important.

The diet should include everything necessary for health and proper digestive system nutrients - proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and water and in the correct proportions.

Proteins contain different amino acids that the dog needs for the harmonious growth and tissue regeneration. Health Spitz threat both the deficiency and excess of proteins. Carbs, however, as proteins are a source of energy. The dog is not obese, physical load should offset the consumed carbohydrates. From fat oranges get the fatty acids needed for healthy living dogs and good appearance. To ensure the normal functioning of essential minerals, vitamins, water.

There are three main ways of feeding dogs is feeding dry food, feeding natural products, and combined feeding. But whichever method you choose, it is worth considering that in any case the orange with food must obtain all of the above substances in the desired ratio. When properly balanced diet a dog needs no special additives. But if in the life of Spitz, changes that require additional resources – the sudden climate change, disease, during lactation and gestation the puppies should feed the dog. Puppies do not need feeding – it can disturb the harmonious development of their bone and ligament! Before you decide to use supplements, consult a veterinarian-nutritionist.

Now let's look at each type of food thoroughly.


Feeding dry food
Feeding your Pomeranian dry food has a wide number of advantages:

much easier to feed "drying" than every day cooking various meals with a balance of vitamins, minerals and other things, hence, you save time in the preparation of food;

dry food is already balanced for mineral and vitamin composition;
not required to be included in the diet, additional supplements;
convenience store;
the convenience of feeding trips and during transport.
The only thing that may deter the owners from this method of feeding - the price of food, because if you feed "drying", that is, of course, it must be good (and not the one advertised on TV). But dry feed of super premium class very economical due to their high digestibility! Of course, like all good quality, dry food is not cheap. Eating dry food economy class causes great harm to the health of the Pomeranian.

If you feed natural food to your pet, but decided to switch to dry, the change should not be drastic. Slowly during the week add in natural food in small portions "drying" gradually increase the proportion in favor of the dry, until you go to him.

When you pick up the puppy Spitz from a breeder, ask him the dry food, which he fed puppies. It is enough for the first few days, after that you will be able to choose suitable food.

How to choose a quality and good food for a Pomeranian?

Now on the market are dry food four categories: economy, premium, super premium feed holistic. But the existence of appropriate labels are not always telling the truth on supplies a feed back to the class, because the classification is not governed by law. Therefore, in order to identify a good food or not — you need to carefully study its composition.

First, the composition of the feed should be painted in great detail, all the ingredients listed below are sources of protein, fats, carbohydrates in descending order of weight content.

Example 1: a corn, wheat, etc., and one ingredient of animal origin, therefore, it is an ordinary porridge, the use of which will lead to problems of the gastrointestinal tract.

Example 2: the composition of the feed is of a generalized nature – grass, meat, meat products, etc., you know, it is a food economy that is made from the waste flour production and slaughterhouses.

Secondly, the hallmark of good feed in its composition, meat is in first place, set its form (it can be solid, for example, chicken, or shredded), specified percentage – at least 25% of the total composition of the feed, there are two or more sources of animal protein (eggs, fish products, meat products, for example, liver).

Third, the indicator of good food – high degree of digestibility, and the better the process of absorption, the lower feeding levels indicated on the package, that is, the less the dog needs to eat feed per day (see the package with the food block "feeding Standards").

The conclusion is that good food is not worth twice the price, just buying cheap food, only half of it is absorbed by the body of the animal, and the other half goes to waste! But along with the high quality food your pet gets all the vitamins, minerals, in the right amounts it receives proteins, fats and carbohydrates than secures the health of the gastrointestinal and urogenital systems.

Also in the good dry food should contain:

strictly up to 50% (better 30%) cereal products and/or vegetables with carbohydrates and fiber, important for proper digestion;

natural preservatives – vitamin E, vitamin C, extracts and oils of herbs (pay attention to it because it is a source of pride for the manufacturers of feed and additional advertising). They provide the possibility of long storage of feed without loss of properties;

special additives for proper operation of the joints, intestines, additives that increase the immunity;

special diet feeding for puppies (an acceptable amount of calcium and phosphorus), and adult dogs.

Please note: as preservatives are legally allowed to enter various acids (hydrochloric, acetic, sulfuric, phosphoric, etc.), some salts of these acids, sodium bisulfite, sodium nitrite. This should be avoided – carefully read the packaging fine print.

In the composition of a good dry food should not be:

offal, that is slaughterhouse waste, and it's not only the liver, lungs, heart, and hooves, horns, wool, feathers;

chemical preservatives, or EWG additives (Intoxiquer (Ethoxyquin), BHA (E320), BHT (E321), propyl gallate (Propylgallate). The results showed that these additives cause cancer and common disorders of development, cause allergies, disrupt the proper functioning of the liver of animals;

sugar and caramel;
empty fillers that do not carry the energy load, and only "clog" the stomach, causing a feeling of satiety – cellulose, nut shells, and similar substances.

I think it is clear that the feed dogs feed the economy class is not recommended.

Feed a premium class different from the aft economy class with no byproducts. They include the meat of animals or birds (chicken, beef, etc.) or fish supplements in the form of cereals and vegetables (not more than 50%). But the content of the meat is small, a lot of water and are poorly digested components; digestibility is average.

Feed premium:

Happy Dog (Happy Dog);
Pro Pac (Pro Pak);
BioMill (BiOMill);
Nutro nuggets (Inside the nugget);
Alders Doctor (Doctor Alders);
Flatazor (Flatazor), etc.
Feed super premium class very close to natural food, have a good balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates. Consisting only of pure meat (Turkey, chicken, lamb or fish), barley, which has beneficial effects on heart health, oats for better digestion, hypoallergenic rice, dried tomatoes – a source of vitamins. You will never find in them the fibres and dyes. Have a great digestibility, therefore, justify their price.

Feed super premium class

Eukanuba (Eukanuba);
Hills (Hills);
Iams (Yam);
Pro Pac (Pro Pak);
Nutro Choice (NUTRO Choice);
1st Choice (first choice);
ProPlan (Proplan);
Royal Canin (Royal Canin),
Bosh (BOSH);
Happy Dog (Happy Dog);
Petreet (Retreat), etc.
For Spitz are suitable, for example, the canadian 1st Choice for dogs of small breeds, which contains L-carnitine and prebiotics, has a good content of chicken is 30%. Food MD-25 French company "Royal Canin", unfortunately, discontinued. Now the firm offers a wide variety of feed for Spitz will fit a series of X-Small or food for a Chihuahua or a Yorkshire Terrier

Feed a new generation of Holistic (holistic) containing proteins of animal origin that have been grown without the use of hormones and antibiotics, and plant-based ingredients – no chemicals or pesticides, do not contain genetically modified organisms and plant proteins. Designed to revitalize and bring harmony.

Feed holistic:

Orijen (ORIJEN or Origin);
Acana (Akan);
Sup Chicken (Chicken SAP);
Merrikk California Naturales (Merrick, California Naturals);
Pinnacle (Pinnacle);
Berkley (Berkeley);
Golden Eagle (Golden Eagle);
Go Natural & Now Natural (Go Straight and NAU's Straight);
Eagle Pack Holistic Select (Eagle Pack Holistic Select);
Innova (Innova);
Innova Evo (Innova Evo);
Felidae (Felid);
Canidae (Canada).
Feed ", Canida and Felida" ten feed US (according to the magazine "Whole Dog Journal").
For a Pomeranian need to choose food designed for small breeds, taking into account the age of the dog. Feed according to the recommendations given on the packaging. Be sure to take care that the dog was clean water in the bowl, it periodically change.

When switching from one dry food to another, do what and when translating from natural feeding, that is, do it gradually, otherwise the dog will be stressed.

Do not overdo it with the amount of treats you give your dog only when training and teaching procedures.

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