To your orange had no problems with digestion, was hilarious and moving, the hair glistening in the sun, was silky and thick and looked well-groomed to the teeth, skin and nails healthy, you need to take care of properly balanced diet. This is very important.

General appearance: dwarf Spitz ( Pomeranian) — compact, harmoniously built dog. His eyes reflected an intelligence and a cheerful, energetic character.

Weight, proportion, addition: weight exhibition orange — 1,4—3,2 kg. Ideal weight is 1.8—2.3 kg. Dog harmoniously proportioned, compact, sturdy. Limbs of medium length. Case with rounded true and long last edge. The chest is sufficiently deep and not too wide


В современном обществе принято, чтобы документы имели все животные, независимо от их принадлежности к породе и «социальному статусу». Тем более породистые собаки. До сих пор не все владельцы знают, какие документы на щенка нужно иметь, что ветеринарный паспорт ничего общего с родословной не имеет, а метрика не дает права участия во взрослых классах выставок и в разведении.

The first lure during the period of transfer from mother's milk to puppy diet puppy gets to the age of approximately 3 weeks. Fully translate puppy to solid foods for 7-10 days. By its composition and consistency of the food should be moist and soft. Otherwise, a puppy can't eat them.